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Your External Brains 

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If Only We Knew What We Know

Each of us has almost infinite information at our fingertips for virtually any topic. If we individually knew what we collectively know about complicated topics, from healthcare and artificial intelligence to climate change, we would be in a much better position to discuss and solve today's problems. But access to infinite information is not enough -- it needs to be translated into actionable knowledge if it’s going to help us overcome today’s big challenges, both personal and professional.

Personal Knowledge Management

We’re deluged with information on almost every topic we care about. We can't possibly retain all of that information, but it would be great if we could retain the information you'll wish you had in the future. Personal knowledge management (PKM) is a proven approach to being more successful personally and professionally by retaining and managing the information most likely to be valuable to your needs and interests. PKM tools help you build a personal competitive advantage that grows exponentially over time. The earlier you start, the sooner you'll see the personal and professional benefits of PKM. 

Your External Brains

Your External Brains contain curated information collections for timely and important topics. Download Your External Brains to your phone, tablet, or desktop, for 24/7 access to their always expanding actionable knowledge. No longer forget 90% of what you read and hear, no matter how important the information.Your External Brains are built with TheBrain® software, a tool ideally fit for this purpose. Contact us if you have knowledge you would like to make available through Your External Brains using TheBrain® software or other PKM tools. 

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Alarmed or concerned about climate change? If you have the time to read dozens of books, hundreds of reports, and thousands of news stories, you don’t need this “Personal Guide to the Ultimate Wicked Problem – Climate Change.” But if that’s not the case, the Personal Guide can help. It pulls together much of the best information and ideas you can use as “actionable knowledge” in tackling climate change.

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