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April 25, 2020

External Brains Team

Big Change to Our COVID-19 External Brain

A lot has happened recently with the website. We now have six External Brains up and running: 

  • COVID-19
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Climate Change
  • Your Environment Brain
  • Your Second Brain
  • High School Exchange

Our focus this week is on a big change to our COVID-19 Brain we think you’ll like. You may have seen the COVID-19 External Brain during a webinar this week hosted by TheBrain® software team, where three different TheBrain-based approaches to COVID-19 were profiled for participants. 

If you watched the webinar, you’ll see a big change if you check the COVID-19 Brain today. We changed out the “Key Questions” section of the External Brain for a “Foresight” section. The idea for this came up during the webinar itself, and revolves around the question of “what information do you need to make better personal and professional decisions regarding the likely outcome of the pandemic in the United States?” In the Foresight section, we profile the topics we think are needed to improve your foresight abilities and draw some conclusions about the overall picture. We’ll put out a weekly recap of what’s changed when it comes to COVID-19 Foresight.  This week’s Foresight video is available here or watch it below:

We welcome your feedback on any of our External Brains. And please consider supporting our External Brains Patreon project, through which you can download a read-only copy of any of our External Brains for a much better user experience, or purchasing External Brains to use in your own knowledge management system. 

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