April 16, 2020

Mark Trexler

We Are Up and Running!

Thanks for coming to visit! We’ve really just gotten the website off the ground recently, with four External Brains available to you and two more on the way:

  • COVID-19 (online, rapidly expanding)
  • Climate Change (online)
  • Type II Diabetes (new!)
  • Your Second Brain (new!)
  • Environmental Issues (coming soon!)
  • Exchange Students (coming soon!)
  • Check them out on the "Free Brains" tab!

    You won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve been doing a lot of work on our COVID-19 External Brain. It’s a great repository of information exploring pretty much all of the key questions surrounding the pandemic. Not overwhelming amounts of information, but representative information that allows you to quickly dig into topics. Including a brand new section entitle “Key Questions.” 

    On the same note, I’ll be participating in a “COVID-19 and knowledge management” webinar on the 23rd from 11:00 - 12:00pm here on the West Coast. It’s organized by the team at TheBrain, the knowledge management software we use in our External Brains. They describe the webinar this way: 

    It’s critical for everyone to shape their own perspective of world events and TheBrain enables this. For insights and understanding into this process, we are hosting two highly acclaimed Brain architects: Jerry Michalski and Dr. Mark Trexler. Both master Brain creators will demo their own Brains on Covid-19. Shelley Hayduk and Matt Caton from TheBrain will also debut their Covid-19 TeamBrain, as well as make it available for download to all attendees."

    I hope you’ll register for the webinar and take a look. If you’re interested in the idea of Your External Brains, I’m sure you’ll find it thought-provoking! 

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