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External Brains Team

May 9, 2020

We’ve just published our weekly COVID-19 pandemic video, creating a snapshot of where the U.S. stands. Hint: it’s not good news – the situation in the U.S. could get pretty bad over the next couple of weeks.

Watch the video here or check it out at our brand new Your External Brains YouTube channel (subscribe, of course!).

Pre-Set Search Terms

We’ve added hundreds of “pre-set search terms” to several External Brains. The search terms let you quickly survey topics in External Brains from several different directions. If you download External Brains through our Patreon project or through purchase on our website, you can do the searches almost instantly!

New Links and Graphics

We’ve added hundreds of links and graphics to several External Brains from one of the best graphical information sources on the internet. You’ll find the links spread around the External Brains, but you can also find ALL of them organized under the “Other Resources” heading in the Core Knowledge External Brain. You can explore in minutes what took us hours to incorporate into the External Brain.

New Green Stimulus Brain

We've added a new Green Stimulus External Brain covering "what comes after COVID-19?" There is a huge conversation going on with respect to whether the U.S. and the world will #buildbackbetter, or simply revert to the status quo. Lots of good ideas being suggested, but will any of them coming to fruition? That’s what we’ve started exploring in this new External Brain.

As always, we welcome suggestions and feedback. What works, what doesn't, what would you like to see next?

Get our weekly foresight updates

Our free weekly foresight video, prepared by Mark Trexler, Ph.D., environmental futures expert, assembles both good and bad news into a coherent status report of where the pandemic appears headed in the U.S.

Bonus: you'll get online access to our COVID-19 External Brain!

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