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August 10, 2020

External Brains Team

Tracking the Pulse of the November Elections

The next 100 days leading up to the U.S. elections are going to be stressful, and millions of people will be trying to stay up to date with respect to who will win the election.

We’ve built a small Mini-Brain we’re calling Tracking the Pulse of Election 2020 that we’ve designed to be accessed via your mobile device that will allow you to track in a matter of seconds: 

  • The latest polling results.
  • The latest prediction market results (you might even want to bet (legally) some of your own money in these markets!).
  • The latest COVID-19 statistics for the U.S., nationally and at the state levels (given the relevance of COVID-19 to the elections directly and to the economy).

You can take a look at the Mini-Brain online here, where you’ll also see the simple instructions for downloading it to your mobile device, or you can go directly to the Mini-Brain order page at our website.

For a demo of how the Mini-Brain works on your phone, watch below!

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