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New External Brain: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Wicked Problem

We’ve just uploaded this week’s COVID-19 External Brain Foresight Video. It summarizes the state of play of the pandemic in the U.S., and shows you how you can easily track the 40-50 variables that you might be interested in by downloading the COVID-19 External Brain to your own computer or mobile device. Take a look!  […]

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A Busy Week at Your External Brains

We’ve just published our weekly COVID-19 pandemic video, creating a snapshot of where the U.S. stands. Hint: it’s not good news – the situation in the U.S. could get pretty bad over the next couple of weeks.Watch the video here or check it out at our brand new Your External Brains YouTube channel (subscribe, of […]

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COVID-19 Foresight: Making Your Bet on the Future

hands over a crystal ball

We’re all placing bets on COVID-19 outcomes. The bets might be personal, they might involve our businesses, or our 401k accounts. We all want to know whether the COVID-19 emergency will fade away in a few months, or whether it will be disastrously disruptive for the next two years. If we had the answer we’d […]

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Big Change to Our COVID-19 External Brain

A lot has happened recently with the website. We now have six External Brains up and running:  COVID-19 Type II Diabetes Climate Change Your Environment Brain Your Second Brain High School ExchangeOur focus this week is on a big change to our COVID-19 Brain we think you’ll like. You may have seen the COVID-19 External […]

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