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New External Brain: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Wicked Problem

We’ve just uploaded this week’s COVID-19 External Brain Foresight Video. It summarizes the state of play of the pandemic in the U.S., and shows you how you can easily track the 40-50 variables that you might be interested in by downloading the COVID-19 External Brain to your own computer or mobile device. Take a look!  […]

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We Are Up and Running!

Thanks for coming to visit! We’ve really just gotten the website off the ground recently, with four External Brains available to you and two more on the way:COVID-19 (online, rapidly expanding)Climate Change (online)Type II Diabetes (new!)Your Second Brain (new!)Environmental Issues (coming soon!)Exchange Students (coming soon!)Check them out on the “Free Brains” tab! You won’t be surprised […]

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