Carbon Offsets Mini-Course

tree growing in a globe

This External Brain will not tell you which carbon offsets you should buy. It will, however, put you in a much better position to decide whether you want to purchase carbon offsets in the first place, and how you should think about selecting potential offsets from the more than 100 websites offering them for sale.

The External Brain walks you through key issues associated with understanding and evaluating carbon offsets, and explains why so many carbon offsets being bought and sold today aren’t doing anything to help mitigate climate change. The External Brain’s author has spent 30 years in the carbon offset field, having worked on the first carbon offset in 1988 and hundreds of others since then.

Max Scher, Senior Manager of Sustainability at, said about this External Brain:

“I really appreciated the External Brain. It’s amazing how hard it is to find good resources and thinking like this on carbon offsets. None of my typical channels/NGOs surface things like this.”

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