Climate Learning on Quora

You may never have heard of the question and answer site If not, it’s time to explore it! It’s an excellent way to challenge your assumptions about climate change. This External Brain organizes hundreds of Quora questions and answers relating to climate change. In exploring them, you can’t help but be exposed to opinions different from your own on climate change. You may not be able to immediately recognize those answers that are far more evidence-based than others, but just exploring differing answers will put you on a path to beneficially challenge your own climate change confirmation bias. And it is fully accessible through your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Watch the introductory video!

NOTE: If you’re interested in climate change, many more climate-related “Mini-Brains” (very similar to Your External Brains) can be seen on the Climate Web’s website. You can even explore and purchase access to the entire Societal and Business Climate Webs, massive climate change knowledge solutions encompassing tens of thousands of books, reports, new stories, videos, website, and more. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to understand and respond to climate change risks and opportunities for individuals and companies alike.