Have a Great Exchange Year

human head with gears and words high school exchange year

You are one of thousands of students coming to the United States this year or next to complete a semester or a full year of high school. It’s a big commitment of your time and your parents’ money, particularly since for some students the year may not count back home. You’ve been told it will be the best year of your life, and hopefully it will be!

But what if things don’t go quite as you expect? Will you be one of the students who struggle through the year, or even return home early? Not if you take advantage of the information and insights organized in this External Brain. It’s been assembled by the experienced exchange coordinators at The Exchange Mom and reflects insights gained from working with hundreds of exchange students over the last 15 years. The External Brain is full of tips and tricks, walks you through different phases of your exchange year, and helps you anticipate and avoid common pitfalls.