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Narrative for Progressives


This Mini Brain tracks scientist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson's 40-year journey from his career as a scientist to Hollywood filmmaker in search of the most effective tools for mass communication. He believes he discovered the ultimate tool for mass communication in his ABT (And, But, Therefore) Narrative Template. It embodies the three central forces of narrative (agreement, contradiction, consequence) that rest at the heart of all narrative.

Olson thinks he knows why there has been so little progress on topics like climate change, and so many progressive political failures: the absence of narrative.

This Mini Brain is structured around Olson's journey using the ABT elements to set up the AND (the problem he's pursued), the BUT (stating the problem), then the THEREFORE (presenting the actions his work points toward). You can access these topics through books, films, videos, podcasts, and more, all available to you in this Mini Brain. Once you sign up for it, it will be fully accessible to you through your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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