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You can download read-only versions of any or all of our External Brains through our Patreon Project.

But you can also take advantage of External Brains to build or add to your own knowledge management system. Choose yours below!

Once purchased, we'll send you a zipped version of the External Brain that you can import into your own copy of TheBrain® software (including the free version). It’s a great way to leverage in just minutes the hundreds of hours we’ve spent building External Brains and manage information for yourself in a way that works for you!

By purchasing your own copy of this External Brain you can reorganize the information to best suit your own needs, and start adding your own material. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll start to see the benefits of taking control of your information through knowledge management.


You may feel deluged by COVID-19 information. But where can you go to easily explore key questions and to access some of the best resources for answering those questions? We search through the COVID-19 news looking for great insight and information to pull into this External Brain. No longer do you have to search for “that great image I saw in my social media feed last week.”

Climate Change

words climate change in red on white background

Google almost any climate term and you’ll get millions of hits. So how can you most effectively explore climate questions of interest? How can you find great resources you’d probably never otherwise run across? Our Climate Change External Brain is based on thousands of hours of searching and analysis, and contains a number of “mini-brains” on specific climate change topics.

Type II Diabetes

At Your External Brains, we have collected a diversity of resources covering all aspects of being diagnosed with and managing Type II diabetes. You can access that information through this External Brain. In just a few minutes you can explore questions and topics and find useful resources that you would otherwise have to spend hours looking for. 

Core Knowledge Brain

The Core Knowledge External Brain is based on many hours of searching and contains a number of “mini-brains” on specific sub-topics that will help you organize information you can use in your daily life and which will allow you to explore dozens of topics in minutes.

Your Environment Brain

Environmental topics and knowledge management come together in Your Environment Brain. Get quick evidence-based insight into dozens of environmental topics, find great materials including websites, videos, and infographics that you’ll probably never otherwise see, and jump start your own knowledge management program.

High School Exchange Brain

Do you want to become smarter about high school international exchange and understand common challenges? Our External Brain can help! The High School Exchange External Brain can help you access information to make your exchange year more successful, whether as a student, host family, family back home, or school. 

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