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Your Personal Guide to Solving Climate Change

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Why Your Personal Guide Is For You

The role of individuals in tackling climate change has been hotly debated for years. This External Brain helps you sort out that conversation and better understand how you can most effectively confront climate change. 

  • Introduction to the Topic
    Briefly setting the stage for why the "individuals and climate change" conversation has been so contentious.
  • Trillion Dollar Climate Questions
    Helping to provide you with the "big picture" when it comes to understanding and tackling climate change.
  • Fingerprint of Climate Change
    Laying out many of the existing and forecasted implications of climate change.
  • What Else You Should Know
    An opportunity to explore many topics that contribute to the problem of climate change, and perhaps to solving it.
  • Things you can do
    Bringing the conversation back to the many options individuals have for tackling climate change.
  • great resources
    Including climate books, online climate courses, social media collections, websites, cartoons, videos, climate change Q&A, Bonus Mini-Courses, and more. Many hundreds of hours of knowledge curation are organized in this section alone.

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